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Identification of pregnant women colonized with GBS is essential


10-30% of pregnant women are carriers of Group B Streptococci  in the vagina and rectum3

50% of them on average will transmit the bacterium to
their child during delivery2 
if no precautions are taken

4-6% of mortality rate in
infected newborns3



Screening at the right time 

  • The risk of changing the Group B Streptococcus carrier status after screening at 35-37 weeks of pregnancy is high : 49.2 % of women tested positive in intrapartum, not detected during prenatal screening.4
  • 61.4% of full-term newborns with GBS infection were born to women who tested negative between 35 and 37 weeks of pregnancy.5
  • A large number of patients present at birth with unknown status.6

Knowing the status of each woman at the time of delivery allows antibiotic prophylaxis to be administered only to those patients who need it. This has a direct impact on the health of the infant:  any disruption of the initial colonization process by the microbiome could be detrimental to the child's long-term health including: obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and allergies. 7,8


Xpert® GBS : Intrapartum Group B Streptococcus detection in only 2 steps


  • In compliance with the European Guidelines
  • Results in less than one hour^
  • Sensitivity: 91.9% and specificity: 95.6%*
  • GeneXpert® System can be installed in the central laboratory or directly delocalized in the delivery room
  • On-demand test, easy to use for all levels of personnel, with only two simple steps









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*Package Insert Xpert GBS 300-8907F, Rév.F, September 2018
^Xpert GBS Assay Time to result D30893
CE-IVD In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device. May not be available in all countries. 

The Xpert® GBS test is a molecular diagnostic  test for use on GeneXpert® Systems. Manufacturer: Cepheid - Distributor: Cepheid Europe SAS. Read carefully the instructions on the label and/or in the package insert.

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