Transforming Patient Pathways with Fast PCR Results

Cepheid's GeneXpert® System
Explore Fast, Accurate, Easy PCR Testing Anywhere, Anytime

"This little cartridge is just exceptional; it makes all the difference!"
Dr Béatrice Veyrat, Biologist, Director of Médilys Laboratory (LBI Group), France

Now more than ever, immediate access to fast and accurate diagnostics is essential for improving turnaround times and patient management.

Anywhere and anytime your patients need care, Cepheid's GeneXpert System delivers fast, standardised laboratory-quality answers, 24/7, for infectious diseases such as MRSA, CPE, COVID-19, Influenza, Norovirus and more.

One GeneXpert Platform

Leverage the same platform for fast and standardised testing across Lab and POC settings

31 Diagnostic Tests

Consolidate testing for broad infectious disease coverage on the same easy-to-use platform

Fast Decisions, 24/7

Get actionable results in <1 hour, for prompt clinical and patient management*

Sample In, Answer Out

Simple, easy-to-use technology for all staff levels

Flexible and Scalable

Rapid deployment of customisable, on-demand systems with 1–2,000 results per day^


* Turnaround times vary by test. See individual Product Inserts for specific turnaround times.
^ Cepheid internal study based on 30 minute test results.
CE-IVD. In VitroDiagnostic Medical Device. May not be available in all countries.

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